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EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

A single solution for your complex needs


Real simple
Your job is complicated — SmartStruxure solution helps you simplify by delivering the right information when, where, and how you want it.

  • Personalized user interface
  •  Anytime, anywhere access
  •  Simplified day-to-day operations

Real smart
SmartStruxure solution is a smart investment for today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges. As a key part of your building’s infrastructure, SmartStruxure solution delivers one-click integration across your enterprise.

  •  Scalable system based on open protocols
  •  Key component of an integrated enterprise
  •  IT-friendly and secure

Real performance
SmartStruxure solution delivers an efficient enterprise by optimizing your building’s performance and saving you up to 30 percent or more of your energy costs.

  •  Optimized building performance
  •  Facility comfort and value
  •  Actionable intelligence

Save up to 30% of your energy costs with a SmartStruxure solution from Schneider Electric™.


    SmartStruxure™ solution enables you to monitor, measure, and optimize your building’s performance throughout its life cycle — saving you money. You can’t control what you don’t measure. SmartStruxure solution, powered by StruxureWare™ Building Operation software, facilitates the exchange and analysis of data from energy, lighting, fire safety, and HVAC.

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