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AHU mount UVGI system – Coilotron -RUKS Engineering Canada

  • Used for elimination of mold, fungi, and bacteria on cooling coil and drain pan of AHU
  • Increases heat transfer efficiency. Results in energy reduction
  • Reduced pressure on fan. Saves energy cost of fan operation
  • Helps obtain LEED points
  • High intensity twin UVC lamps per fixture
  • High specular, 86 % reflectivity Aluminum surface intensifies UVC rays on cooling coil and drain pan
  • Each lamp housed in individual Quartz Sleeve
  • Prevents direct contact of air on lamp surface. Sustains lamp surface temperature constant to optimize continuous high performance
  • Quartz Sleeve prevents impregnation of dust and carryover moisture on lamp surface
  • Mercury spill from broken lamp is retained within the Quartz Sleeve. Prevents mercury spill in AHU. Environmental safety
  • Installation mounting rails factory provided. No field provided material necessary
  • UL Listed
  • Tested and Certified by UL for safety against fire and smoke for installation in ducts
  • Made in Canada


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