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Duct Mount UVGI System -Germitron – RUKS Engineering Canada

  • Duct Mounted, UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation System for elimination of airborne bacteria and pathogens in HVAC and ventilation ducts
  • 90% Kill Rate of bacteria and virus; suitable for Log 1 and Log 2 level of bacteria kill
  • Custom designed to suit duct sizes, and duct air velocity
  • Proven design with computerized selection to deliver target kill rate on bacteria.
  • Suitable for Horizontal or Vertical Installations
  • Flexibility to adapt to duct size
  • Suitable for new and retrofit installations
  • High energy output 800 mA lamp
  • Lamp operation visible from outside through pilot light
  • Lamp installed in individual Quartz Sleeve for highest transmission and protection against
  • Contact of cold air in duct directly on lamp. This ensures lamp surface temperature is constant and uniform. Essential prerequisite to ensure continuous high output of kill rate by lamps
  • Eliminates contact of lamps with airborne dust, contaminants, and carry over moisture from cooling coil. Protects lamp and extends lamp life


    • Mercury spill from broken lamp is confined in the Quartz Sleeve. Prevents mercury spill into ducts. Environmental safety
    • Lamps can be changed without removing quartz sleeve and frame from duct
    • Does not operate at ultra low wavelength of 180 nM. Prevents production of undesired, uncontrolled ozone
    • Electrical Control Box mounted remotely to ensure duct mounted components are kept at a minimum; essential for safe performance
    • Factory provided electrical cable and quick connector between electrical control box and UVGI frame. Eliminates potential site installation faults
    • Hour Meter
    • Indicating lamps to show ballast failure and lamp failure
    • Unique design eliminates duct access doors
    • All installation materials, mounting rails are factory provided. No field provided material required
    • Optional is Stainless Steel frames for hospitals and food processing facilities
    • UL Listed
    • Tested and Certified by UL for safety against fire and smoke for installation in ducts
    • Made in Canada

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